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This is our "Bullet Flag" measuring 37" wide and 19½" tall. There is a base layer of red epoxy which the dark walnut stripes are placed onto. In-between are various shell casings which quantities and sizing of casings can be adjusted upon request. The union is a custom colored blue created using epoxy. Finally this piece gets multiple layers of clear epoxy over it for a glass like finish. We also apply a complementary ceramic coating for an added laying of protection.

At the moment, we are using a modified cleat system to ensure strength as well as being able to hang it properly. This will require mounting a metal strip onto your wall to hang this. Typically only a few screws into your studs will do the trick to hold this beautiful flag.

We welcome any questions and any custom requests!

Layout of shell casings and swirls of epoxy will vary piece to piece.

These flags are made to order so please allow 3-4 weeks to build it.

"Bullet" Flag

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