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Want a one of a kind cutting board? Well this is your chance! There are two different faces to this luxury cutting board which are wrapped in hand selected strips of Wenge. The intricate weave design features Padauk, Wenge and Hard Maple while the brick face has Padauk and Wenge.

Yes, this is meant to be used as a cutting board. The weave pattern is entirely end-grain making it the best surface to cut on. The brick pattern is side grain. While it's not as durable as end-grain cutting boards, it will still hold up to knives. Although it is a cutting board, this will be a staple in any kitchen it is in.

This luxurious piece measures 12"x16" and is 2" thick. This is truly a one of a kind cutting board utilizing expensive, beautiful wood. There is a shocking amount of hours put into this. Unfortunately it carries a high price tag however the saying is true- "You get what you pay for".

Maintenance- light washing by hand. It is highly recommended to not submerge the board and definitely do not run it in the dishwasher. Periodically, cutting board oil will have to be applied to keep the board from drying out.

"The Medieval" Luxury Cutting Board

$1,049.00 Regular Price
$629.40Sale Price
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