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Here is a luxury cigar ashtray we recently finished. This piece measures 8"x8" with 4 cigar slots. It is created using only epoxy. We poured this with a base layer of black and a custom mix of colors accented on the top. Depending on how you're viewing the ashtray and the lighting around it, this piece can look all black and one slight movement, it can light up with blue scattered across it.

We have applied a 7+ year graphene ceramic coating to the entire top of this piece as an added layer of protection. We recommend non acidic soap with luke warm water for washing.

*This ashtray is not made to withstand putting a cigar out. You can potentially ruin the finish. This is for holding your cigar and ashing into it only*

We accept custom requests of all kinds. Please do not hesitate to email or call us.

Luxury Cigar Ashtray

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