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This beautiful, one of a kind table is accordingly called the "Tree Of Life". The large piece of Ash cut-off features a CNC carved Tree of Life scene on it. Within that design are two pieces of wood recessed in epoxy- both of which were hand selected in Dublin specifically for this project.

The carving is filled with various colors of epoxy, creating this stunning scene. It was then coated entirely in clear epoxy for a glass like smoothness, topped with a ceramic coating for protection against scratches.

Another one-off aspect of this build are the legs. They are solid epoxy with a semi translucent black color to them. Depending on the lighting, there's a unique depth shown through them.

On the underside of this table are recessed bow-ties to keep the "splits" in the wood secure from movement.

All in all, this table is truly a one off build that is a functional piece of art.

Widest point- 35"

Height- 20"

Thickness- 2.25"

Tree Of Life Table

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